Shopping for My New Condo
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Shopping for My New Condo

Today, I plan to settle my condo payments. Terpaksa la ambik cuti. Bayar then I went to my new condo at Segambut to collect my Keys. Luckily, officer in-charge was there. So, I ambik kunci then masuk buat general check-up kot kot ader yg cacat. Lega, semua dah clear. Ader sdikit defect tu boleh la buat kemudian.
So, now I’ve to plan to buy lamps, fans, and others furniture. From Segambut, I balik umah dulu, then I pegi IKEA. Luckily tak ramai org, easy and selesa pilih barang. 10pm I finished my shopping worth about RM1K. 5 Lamps, 2 mirrors, some small table and tak tau aper lagi benda kecik kecik wife aku pilih. Kena beli gak, kalau tak, duk umah tak der lampu la. So, yg tinggal, cat dan langsir. Ermmm, duit lagi…

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