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4.00am Monday Morning

Last nite, i slept at 4.00am, maybe 4.30am. Maybe la, hav to install 2 units PC ordered by our regular customer. Its happen when one of this unit ader msalah sket. Nasib baik lps tu, semua ok. Then this Monday morning, aku deliver semua brg2. Cuma aku tertinggal satu lagi LCD Monitor coz tak cukup tangan nak bwk tadi. Alih alih, officer tu cakap cheque bleh dpt on Wednesday. Alamak, abis aku… dah la esok aku kena ambik stok lagi untuk 2 units. Camana ni.
Xleh jadi, aku call manager diorang, mintak tolong suruh kasi aku cheque tu hari ni gak. Kalau tak, aku tak leh nak wat rolling for next project. Alhamdulillah, kul 3.00pm aku dpt cheque aku RM10K. campur tadi punya payment ader la gi RM12K. Cukup utk next project.
Then, I’ve called Sazli informed to prepare for his part this wed. Mana tau kot2 dia tak der kat KL. I need meet him this wed for our new ofis layout and location. We also need to find format and theme for our new homepage .Need some free space? Ads?
Call me now bro, I’ll give it u for FREE. (Slagi stok masih ada).

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