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Another Weekend and Sahur at Seremban

Cerita berbuka di Seremban. Erm, suddenly my wife asked to go to Seremban again. Nak buka dengan Mak dia katanya. Nak tak nak, I have to drive to Seremban jugak.

This morning I sempat pegi PJ, beli devider for my house. Nak deco sikit. Lama dah cari. Dulu penah tgk tp dlm harga RM150++, skang bila dah offer RM68, aku beli dua.

Sampai rumah dlm jam 2.00pm, pasang divider tu. Pasal that thing is DIY products, easy to build la. Tak sampai 10 minits dah siap. Then i managed to set it up again to devide my ruang makan with my family hall area before kicthen. Ok la since the price quite cheap.
Berbalik cerita berbuka di Seremban, I reached at Seremban at 6.50pm, ngam-ngam before “breaking” berbuka time. Stucked in jam for almost 30 minits, hanya 2 km from exit Seremban toll.
Since dah sampai sana, aku malas nak balik malam. So, lepak and sahur sana la. Pagi esok baru balik KL.

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