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attending a Course in Ramadhan

Last month I’m offering myself to attend one course in HRDC, our training centre. Been “PEKAK telinga” when my bos keep asking me to finish the course quota for this year. I’ve tried to apply other courses from June, but until August still not listed in the list.
At last, I received one email last week, confirmed that I was selected for the one course on 10th and 11th Sept 2008. Alamak, its fasting month. Thats mean, no free meals, no great food, and no minum petang for me during that course. What a waste? I miss the delicious food at HRDC again.
No wonder la I’ve been selected, since nobody interested to attend course during fasting month.
Next time, malas dah aku nak pegi course time bulan puasa,,, kasik org lain pulak

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