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Beautiful Night View Of The City of Malacca

Beautiful Night View of The City of Melacca
The heritage site is still my choice necessarily Bandar Melaka. Malacca is rich with a long history and it still remains in intensive care by the authorities that it will remain as a legacy of heritage. 
My experience during a trip to Malacca still remembered to this day. Beautiful views of the city Melaka at night is one of the best memories while staying at the Best Western Hotel Melaka.

The hotel is only located on the banks of the river melaka gives us the advantage to explore the nightlife along the Melaka River Cruise. 

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Malacca at Night

Beca Melaka

City of Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca at Night

Malacca at Night

Malacca at Night

Malacca at night

Malacca at night
Beautiful views of the River Cruise and the various spillover neon lights illuminate the building in the city making the world heritage city of Malacca a very unique tourist destination. 
Even more interesting is the location of Fort A Famosa and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka can visit with just a short walk from the hotel and river cruises. 
As a Malaysian, I am still proud to be in Malaysia, we still have the Heritage City as the city of Malacca. It is certainly the pride of all and MrJocko hope it will remain sustainable over time.

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