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Bid Starts From RM1 For Gadgets Items eBay Malaysia

eBay Malaysia were auctioning items on eBay Malaysia web such as gadgets, smartphones & cameras starts from RM1. If you’re looking for these items with special price, maybe this is your chance to bid and but this items with cheap and low price compared to normal retail price. Bid Starts From RM1 For Gadgets Items eBay Malaysia.

During this campaign, people can bid for the items starting from RM1 at 12.00pm of every weekday and each day there will be new items on auction. For your info, the campaign starts on 24th August to 4th September 2015.

Bid Starts From RM1 For Gadgets Items eBay Malaysia

Bid Starts With RM1 For Gadgets Smartphones & Cameras eBay Malaysia


The best auction at eBay Malaysia so far. Of course MrJocko also will bid and try to get one of these offers. I planned to get one unit Camera and also Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Hopefully, I can get these thing at between 50% to 70% from the retail price.



ebay-malaysia-fuji-camera ebay-malaysia-fujifilm-instax ebay-malaysia-ps3 ebay-malaysia-samsung-s6-edge


If you’re looking for gadgets, smartphone, cameras or any related items, this is your chance to bid and maybe can buy more ‘lelong’ items at ebay Malaysia. Why wait, please log in into ebay Malaysia now.

Grab this opportunity to win lots of goods item from eBay Malaysia. Register yourself at now.

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