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Breakfast at IKEA

Since last week, i received extra project, I decided to spend it at my faveret floor lamp. I’ve be waiting for so long to buy this items. Lagi pon skang IKEA ada SALE. Hehehe!

We started with sarapan at IKEA, when we ordered 2 plates of Nasi Lemak with 3pcs Ayam each and 1 Cup of Coffee. Guess how much? Its only RM7.00++ Unbelievable.
Its also tasty, and valuable. And, for coffee, my feveret. Its can REFILL. This month, Its really SALE at IKEA, I bought 2set of LOTS Mirror, usual RM25 after discount RM15 only, Desktop Cabinet RM29, and my feveret floor lamp, usual RM79, now at RM49 only. Its looks nice when i DIY it and place it near the sliding door. Its look warming, but sleepy. Romantic also… I planned to buy another one. Wanna place it at my second room. For a desktop cabinet, i think its also cheap, coz i can put it aside as cabinet in my rooms. As a storage to avoid my stuff looks bersepah. Maklumla, rumah kecik, i need to store unused items properly.

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