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Climb-up 7th Floor

Friday 24th Feb 2006, I have to take half-day leave. Collect some IT items at Lowyat. Till today, almost 70% of my stuff already moved to mandy Villa. On saturday, I completed my lamp installation and painting. After that I delivered 2 sets desktop to En Azmi. Then, sunday, I dun hav time to play.

My wife started to mop the tiles and clean the kicthen. I painted the wall using focus color and able to finish it before maghrib. Then, my cousin helped me to move all big items into new apartment.

We arrived at mandy at 6.30pm, but unfortunately, lift situated at Block A, my block was unused. I told security about the problem but, he said “You must wait another 1 hour”. Geramnya aku. Tgh kitaorang bz nak pindah time ni la rosak. Paling aku tak puas hati, this is not the first time happen for today.


Ada akak tu cakap petang tadi pun rosak jugak. Nak tak nak aku terpaksa pikul from 1st floor to 7th floor brg2 tersebut. Penat giler. Almost pengsan ooo. Luckily, we finished at 8.30pm and watched ABP 2006 live from TV3 and as usual, Mawi won again.

This morning, I prepared complaint letter to the management addressed to developer and c.c. to management and our lawyers. I submitted that letter during lunch to the Mandy Management Office. Biar diorang rasa. We already paid the maintainence fees what?


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