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Experiencing Sun Moon Lake Cable Car In Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake Cable Car (Sun Moon Lake Cable Car), the transport system is anticipated in the Sun Moon Lake. It was opened on December 28, 2009 to the public. Prior to the date of March 31, 2010, all passengers can enjoy special fares, with tickets just pay NTD250 or group tickets NTD225 for each passenger.

After this date, ticket prices back to normal as follows:

Full fare in NTD300

Discount fares NTD250

Mine group (20 or more) in NTD270 and

Discounted group fares on NTD225

Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Discounted fares apply to older people aged 60 years and over 60 pre-school children from 100cm tall or above, and those who have the book for the benefit of persons with disabilities (PWDs)

Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan


Cable Car Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Experience a Sun Moon Lake cable car is really exciting because it had its own charm. Scenic Sun Moon Lake scenic and natural beauty of the forest is still there in Taichung and the Formosan Aboriginal Village Cultral found here.

Sun Moon Lake Cable Car has a length of nearly 2 km. A cable car gondola can accommodate up to 8 adults, but want to stay only 6 people per gondola is more suitable. Interesting because cold weather makes up the experience of Sun Moon Lake Cable Car is in addition to enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake is about.

Those who are interested to buy ride tickets Sun Moon Lake Cable Car, this can get your ticket at the station Sun Moon Lake, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village station or in Nantou Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center

Kabelini car ropeway is available from 10:30 am until 4:00 pm on weekdays. For the weekend opening hours and more information about ticket prices, please visit the official website at FACV

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