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Financial LATeracy Exhibition By Datuk Lat At Bank Negara

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery is pleased to present its latest exhibition entitled ‘Financial LATeracy’ as part of its continuing efforts to promote prudent financial management as an essential life skill. The exhibitions is based on the work done by Malaysia’s most renowned cartoonist Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid or better known as Datuk Lat. 

‘Buku Wang Saku’ series published by Bank Negara Malaysia to educate young students on basic savings and expenditure. This exhibition was launched today by Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia at the Bank’s Museum and Art Gallery, Sasana Kijang.

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Financial LATeracy Exhibition By Datuk Lat At Bank Negara

Financial LATeracy is a collection of more than 150 distinctive caricatures by Datuk Lat featured in 14 series of Buku Wang Saku or Pocket Money Book. Since 1999, fifteen million  (15,000,000) copies of Buku Wang Saku have been circulated to school children to inculcate prudent money management from a young age.

This Financial LATeracy Exhibition will be held at Museum and Art Gallery, Sasana Kijang. This gallery will be open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, except for three days (3 days) during Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday. 

For more info and updates, please visit Bank Negara Malaysia website at

Bank Negara Financial Lateracy
Bank Negara Financial Lateracy

Financial Lateracy Exhibition BNM Sasana Kijang financial_lateracy_bnm_02 financial_lateracy_bnm_03 financial_lateracy_bnm_033Financial Lateracy Exhibition BNM Sasana Kijang financial_lateracy_bnm_05 financial_lateracy_bnm_06 financial_lateracy_bnm_07 financial_lateracy_bnm_08 financial_lateracy_bnm_09 financial_lateracy_bnm_11

“Financial education has never been more important than in today’s environment. Participating effectively in the financial system can improve the economic well being of individuals and businesses. Financial education is therefore key so that members of our society will benefit from the financial system and from the new technologies that are transforming our financial landscape.

It will help consumers to better understand the risks involved in managing their finances and will facilitate better financial decision making. Building a generation with financial competence therefore needs to start from an early age. This has been the motivation of Bank Negara Malaysia in the development of the Pocket Money Book or Buku Wang Saku for schools that was first launchedin 1999.

We are very honoured to have progressed this project in collaboration with Datuk Lat whose illustrations have made the complex subject of fundamental issues in finance appealing to school children” Zeti Akhtar Aziz

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