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A Friend Stories With His Lovely Merc

This is story about my friend, Mr M. He just came back from UK, for good, last month and brought back one nice Mercedes. A very nice E Class. After suffering for a month to settle his KASTAM’s procedures, now he can smile with his new Merc. Wah!!! really cun, confort and stailo. Jeles aku.

Of course la when you brought new Merc, he needs to register new plate number. Then, after some nego, he was promised by his agent to get a nice number W** 56. Of coz la he’s very very happy.


But, sadly by end of the week, that agent said they did’t manage to get that number, with a thousand reasons. What a s**K. Must be that agent penipu or else.

Poor him course he just bought that number plate and place it at his car… No worry my friend, you book that number again la. Hopefully can get one.

p/s: i love merc… jeles la dengan kereta lawa ni.


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