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From JB to KB 850 km 12 hours

We woke up early this morning, and started aour journey after Subuh. 6.30am, started from Kulai and filled full tank (RM60), passed Felda taib Andak (Mawi’s Kampung) and heading to Kota Tinggi. From Kota Tinggi we drove to Mersing, Rompin and Endau. We stopped at exit Tasik Chini R & R to hav some lunch. Kena pulak dgn lauk UDANG GALAH, masak gulai pedas, sedap nyer… nyum, nyum,,,


We’ve done 200km journey. 12.30noon again we get back into road and straight to Endau, Pekan and exit at Kuantan. We entered Kuantan town and took Kuala Trengganu road. From Kuantan, we drove to Maran and took highway Tun Abdul Razak to Kemaman, Rantau Abang, Dungun, and rest one more time at Kelulut (beach area) to hav some Air Kelapa and some Satar at 3.30 pm. Already 600km journey.

Before Bdr Kuala Trengganu, we stucked in between traffic jammed for about 30 minutes until Jambatan to Pulau Duyong. From there, we drove smooth to Kuala Berang, Permaisuri, Jerteh and enter the Kelantan Pintu Gerbang at 7.30pm. At last we reached Kelantan, my hometown, and its only 30 km from my house. Luckily, the traffice not bad as KL, we drove smooth and reached home at 8.15pm. Its very tiring, but fun. Just imaging 850km +- for the average 12hours drive. This is once in a year we travel and drove all over Semenanjung. After mandi, I hav some dinner and before 9.30pm, I already zzz…

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