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Harga Terkini Kijang Emas Bullion Gold Bank Negara

Ramai sebenarnya yang punyai disiplin yang bagus dalam menyimpan. Antara yang menjadi simpanan terbaik, adalah menyimpan emas. Sebab tu, masa saya kongsi sekeping Kijang Emas 1oz, ramai yang ‘Personal Message’ tanya Harga Terkini Kijang Emas Bullion Gold Bank Negara. Berminat mereka untuk menyimpan wang emas seperti ni.

Untuk yang tak tahu, Bank Negara turut mengeluarkan Kepingan Wang Emas yang dikenali dengan nama Kijang Emas dan ia memang ditempa khas sebagai satu koleksi emas yang sangat-sangat limited dengan berasaskan harga Emas semasa.

Harga Terkini Kijang Emas Bullion Gold Bank Negara

harga terkini kijang emas bullion gold 02 copy

Wang emas yang dikenali sebagai Kijang Emas ini mempunyai 3 saiz berat iaitu 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz dan juga saiz paling besar 1 oz.

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FAQs on the Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coin

Q1 : What are gold bullion coins?
A1 : Gold bullion coins are legal tender coins whose market price depends on their gold content rather than on their face value. They are therefore investment coins. Gold bullion coins are traded daily throughout the world and their price depends on the prevailing international gold price.

Q2 : Is the Kijang Emas legal tender?
A2 : Yes, the Kijang Emas is legal tender as it is issued and guaranteed by Bank Negara Malaysia. Legal tender bullion coins provide value and security.

Q3 : What is the face value of the Kijang Emas?
A3 : The face value of the 1 ounce Kijang Emas is RM200, while the ½ ounce Kijang Emas is RM100 and the ¼ ounce coin is RM50. But because it is a gold bullion coin, the face value is largely symbolic; its true value depends on its gold content (which is 999.9 to a thousand parts pure gold) and the daily price of gold. The Kijang Emas is purchased or resold based on the current daily international gold price according to its weight (eg. 1 ounce, ½ ounce or ¼ ounce)

Q4 : Why should I buy Kijang Emas? It would be better to put my money in fixed deposits and earn interest.
A4. : The price of gold depends on the international gold price and is not subject to inflation. This way you can reduce the risk of losing your money, such as in the case of a sudden slide in the stock market or increased inflation rate. Gold can be considered as an option to protect against any eventuality.

Q5. : But I have plenty of gold jewellery, which I can wear or sell in case of emergency too.
A5. : Gold jewellery of high purity like 22 to 24 carat is also a form of investment. But when you sell gold jewellery, you will lose between 15 to 20 per cent of its value. When you sell Kijang Emas, you will recover the full value of the gold at current market price.

Q6. : Give me a good reason to invest in Kijang Emas.
A6. : People hold investments with the hope of liquidating them in times of need. However, under most circumstances this may not be possible since most investments would be affected by any economic downturn. In such circumstances, the Kijang Emas would prove to be one investment option since it is immune from national and regional economies. Having gold as part of your investment portfolio offers stability and protection to your total investment portfolio. It gives you the peace of mind because gold is liquid and you can turn to it as an asset of last resort.

harga terkini kijang emas bullion gold 01
Harga Terkini Kijang Emas Bullion Gold

Untuk nilai Kijang Emas 1 oz yang saya pegang di atas, nilai semasa pada tarikh 20 September 2019 adalah Harga Jual RM6,668 dan Harga Beli RM6,409.

harga terkini kijang emas bullion gold 03
Harga Semasa Kijang Emas

Untuk mereka yang bercadang nak beli atau nak jual koleksi Kijang Emas ini boleh semak harga panduan di sini Laman Web Bank Negara Kijang Emas Harga Semasa

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