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I catched JENAHAK,

At first, I dun hav enuff time to join this event, But then, since my client cancel our appointment last minutes, I hav free time. Then, after agreed with Zul Jambu, that I can tumpang him from KL to Sea Lion, why not I join this event?
Since Zul Jambu & Me lived at same block, I tumpang him. Kira cam save budget la. From KL 7am, pick up si Zailan, Abg Rabi & Razali at Shell Tol Duta, heading to Sea Lion. Managed to reach Kolam Sea Lion at 8am.
After registration, I chop my feveret place. Prepare the gear and ready to action.
Event started with short briefing and flag off by “Cik Presiden”. Started at 9am and will be finished at 1.00pm.
So lazy to write more, just enjoy the pictures la, I catched 2 Jenahak. Another 3, I missed it. Why, coz too bz with camera, shoot and snap others pictures.
Event finished at 1.00pm, and I’m not lucky enuff. Really missed top ten since I’m at no.12 from the perticipants list. No luck la for prizes. But still okay, coz, Zul Jambul, didn’t catch any fish. Hehehe, Umpan dia, not event usik dek ikan pun… Hehehe,,, syhhh, nanti dia marah.

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