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I don’t Like Melia Hotel

Hari ni aku attend course kat Melia Hotel KL.

Tak puas hati dgn servis yang di sediakan, aku terus hantar email kepada hotel dan organizer

Dear Sir/Mdm

I'm so impressed when I got invitation to attend course at Melia Hotel today.

Nice place, but very poor service when we only served Coffee and ONE Currypuff for our breakfast.

One more thing, no FREE Wifi. We need to pay RM50 for one day access to the wifi.

We pay cost for almost RM1,000 for this soft skill course, 2 days, and organizer can't provide us FREE Wifi?

Now,.we live in year 2012, we live in the net every where.

I'm so frustrated with this service and will not suggest Melia Hotel or organizer for my colleagues anymore.


Rosmadi Shakri

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