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I Will Say No To “Reviews In OpenRice Malaysia”

Memang sejaka beberapa tahun ini banyak syarikat yang beberapa kali menghantar jemputan dalam pelbagai cara kepada ramai blogger. Antara yang terbaru MrJocko terima adalah jemputan untuk sertai community Reviews in OpenRice Malaysia. Secara umum MrJocko faham, OpenRice Malaysia ini adalah pusat komuniti yang membuat ‘review’ tentang makanan sekitar Malaysia.

Reviews in Open Rice Malaysia

Antara isi kandungan jemputan mereka, OpenRice Malaysia : 

“Dear Bloggers,

Greeting from OpenRice Malaysia!

I have good news to share with you.
OpenRice is in the midst of building a community for all blogger out there whereby a platform enable blogger to feature your profile, review and articles. We will be developing a microsite to feature blogger like you.

We will be building a microsite to feature all the community members. Please refer attachment mock up for your reference, this is a special page only featuring yourself. Therefore, I will require some information from you such as,

– Profile pix

– About
Little short write-up about yourself

– Reviews in OpenRice
Please create an account in OpenRIce then submit any 10 food reviews. Or you port over from your existing reviews from your website/blogspot which you do not need to cut and paste at all. All your reviews will listed on the right side banner (like mock-up)

– 1 Article
Any food article, with theme such as dessert, Best food in Subang Jaya etc. Compose in word file and I will upload into the micropage

Please note that this community is by invitation only. To join, please reply my email with your name, blog URL, Mobile no. and email address registered in OpenRice.

Should you need further information about this, please feel free to contact me at undersigned.

Thank you.

Regards “

Setelah di tanya, apa kelebihan yang kami, sebagai Blogger akan terima, ini jawapan mereka :

Dear MrJocko,
I regretted to inform you that there is no remuneration involve in this campaign. This is an additional platform that we offer to blogger to feature themselves for free. 
Of course, to participate in this campaign you will be entitled to the followings,
–          Priority Food Tasting (Only Klang Valley for time being)
Minimum of 3 to 4 food tasting event will be organized per month. 
–          Exclusivity
Your profile will be feature in solo page together with your review and articles which I sent you the layout earlier which is in the special Microsite.  
–          Traffic 
Openrice monthly will maintain as 2.5 – 3.5 Mil per month, still growing. Imagine your page gain 1% of it. I believe you will be able to track the monthly traffic you have for your own blog.  
–          Exposure
We will promote your page in our Facebook which currently has 210K LIKE and OpenRice EDM. 
Hope the above is clear.

Kalau sekali imbas pun sebagai Blogger, MrJocko dah agak ini hanya memberi faedah kepada pihak mereka, OpenRice Malaysia sahaja. 

Kenapa MrJocko kata begitu :

1. Sepatutnya setiap entry yang disumbangkan oleh penulis/blogger patut mendapat bayaran atau token sewajarnya. Tak banyak, sikit pun okay;

2. Kelebihan Food Tasting? Patut mereka tahu, banyak Restoran dan Syarikat makanan akan hubungi Blogger secara terus, tak perlu guna orang tengah seperti OpenRice Malaysia;

3. Ada profile solo di OpenRice Malaysia? Rasanya tak perlu sebab ramai blogger sekarang punyai medium mereka yang tersendiri untuk promote jenama Blog mereka;

4. Traffic Blog. Yang ni pun MrJocko tak setuju sebab, kalau blogger banyak entry, punyai rangkaian rakan-rakan yang supportive, mereka punyai tarikan traffic blog yang tersendiri.

Pihak PR atau Syarikat seperti OpenRice Malaysia diharap selepas ini ambil maklum supaya tidak cuba untuk mengambil kesempatan kepada sesetengah blogger dengan mengambil artikel mereka, publish di webpage OpenRice Malaysia tetapi tidak memberi kredit dalam bentuk bayaran atau token yang sepatutnya. 

Jika OpenRice Malaysia beranggapan ramai Blogger ‘lapar sangat’ untuk makan PERCUMA, anda memang silap.

I will say NO to Reviews in OpenRice Malaysia. Thank you for your invitation but NO THANKS OpenRice Malaysia


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