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Must Visit Interesting Place In Krabi Thailand

You may find the locations and attractions in Krabi, Thailand. Let’s see what MrJocko feel of places of interest in Krabi that you can plan a visit when you are traveling on the West Coast of South Thailand. 

4 Famous Island in Krabi, Thailand 
Malindo Water From Subang Airport to Krabi Every Day 

What I mean Krabi? 
Krabi (Thai: กระบี่) is a medium-sized city on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River around Phang Nga Bay. Krabi town has a population of about 25,000 people. This city is the capital of Krabi Province and Krabi district. The tourism industry is an important industry in Krabi and close to 90 percent of the population in Krabi depend on the tourism industry. 

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Must Visit Interesting Place In Krabi Thailand

1. Khao Panombenja: Riding the Elephant 
Attractions in Krabi for an elephant ride. This place is not far from Krabi He is more convenient access. You can get affordable packages to Khao Panombenja for the elephant ride. In addition, here are other activities that you can also do like ATV Ride and Elephant Show. Elephant Ride package starts from 800 baht for adults and 400 baht for children. 

Interesting Place In Krabi Thailand




2. Ao Ao: Horse Riding 

If you are interested in riding, you can try horseback riding in Ao Ao or fact can also ride on the beach around Krabi. There are many packages available and horse riding is around 500 Baht for 30 minutes of riding.



Tempat Menarik Di Krabi, Thailand





3. Emerald Pool and Hot Spring Pool Blue Springs In Krabi 

These two are the main attraction if to Krabi. It’s really interesting places in Krabi. Imagine you can take a dip in the gorgeous pool water, crystal blue like that is amazing. After this, go to the Hot Springs Hot Spring Krabi indeed have a beautiful view. The package here is usually priced from 1,000 baht per person



Blue Pool Krabi


Hot Spring Krabi




4. Snorkeling in Krabi Island 

Many locations that you can choose where to Krabi. There are many places of interest and focus Krabai famous for snorkeling if such Pha Nga Bay Krabi, Ao Nang Beach, Koh Ha, Koh Yawabon, Koh Dor, Koh Talu and many more.






5. Krabi Night Market 

For tourists while on the ground, you can walk to the Night Market, Krabi. Here are many items that are sold at prices much cheaper than the current MrJocko at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. For Muslims, do not worry, here are many stalls of authentic Thai dishes are Halal. Consequently, Krabi is also famous for Halal food places.



Pasar Malam Krabi


Makanan Halal Di Krabi




6. Krabi Crab Statue 

Of course you must stop location is Krabi Crab Statue located in the center of town. It is located on the cliff edge of the Krabi River Estuary and it is easy to access by anyone either Tuk Tuk ride or walk alone. 


So, it’s quite la 6 locations and Attractions In Krabi MrJocko partner if you had to Krabi, Thailand. There are many other locations, you can explore and then share it with your friends if you’ve been to Krabi. 


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Krabi Crab Statue



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