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Travel Guide Interesting Places In Bali Indonesia

There is many interesting places that you can visit in Bali Island. This is a Travel Guide Interesting Places In Bali Indonesia. For friends who are planning on traveling or vacationing on the island of Bali, Indonesia, MrJocko want to share some interesting places ever MrJocko visit while holidaying in Bali.  

Let me share Interesting Places In Bali

1. Ubud Arts and Crafts Center 

The area is a factory making crafts using silver and gold. All results here are made by hand and have the fine artwork. Its a local made and small and medium enterprise in Bali. If you interested, you can purchase it directly here because the prices here are much cheaper than the sale price in the store.  


Interesting Places In Bali 

Interesting Places In Bali

Interesting Places In Bali


2. Paintings and Art Center Semar Kuning. 

In Semar Kuning was the center of artists get together to show their skill in drawing and painting. They are the expert in arts and drawing. When MrJocko stop there, I met a young painter as early as 12 years old. Talented artist and painter. Most of them very patience and careful drawing and painting their artwork. If you’re art’s fan, you must stop here. 


3. Kintamani Mount
Kintamani Mount is a Volcano Mount. It is still active alleged lies on the island of Bali. Beautiful views of mountains and lakes around it captivating. But, at the foot of the mountain village of Kintamani is still there where native still adhere to the belief that “lay dead” on the ground until the body was decomposed. 


4. Kechak Dance 

Kechak Dance in Bali, it’s look like a kind of worship and tradition of Hinduism in Bali. Many of the mantras and spells in this game Kechak Dance. If in Malaysia, it is like a ‘Kuda Kepang’ predominate in Johor and ‘Puteri’ from Kelantan. Maybe, Kechak Dance look more vibrant than Kepang Horse and ‘Puteri’  


5. Jimbaran 

This is a must stop if you travel to Bali. There is a lots of row of shops in Jimbaran. They served seafood menu. You can select your own seafood menu, either eat Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Grouper Fish, Red Fish, Clam and all other marine life at almost half price, cheaper than Kuala Lumpur. Dining experience in Jimbaran was definitely the best moments you can see the beautiful landscape of Airport and the Jimbaran Beach.


6. Barong Dance 

Barong dance in Bali is renowned. This dance is also more similar to the old stories and some elements of Hinduism is still there. There are some elements of worship and it was really appropriate for children. 


7. Kraft Sales Center 

I’m sorry, I’m forget the name of the shop, but here’s a place for you to buy gifts, memorable gifts and souvenirs are cheap and beautiful. I was thrilled when many of the staff here speaks fluent Japanese, France, Italy, Spain and even Bahasa Inggeris. Prices do not worry. Prices of all automatic discount of 50% sometimes, if you are a Malaysian. 


8. Temple Lake Bratan, Bedugul 

This is one of the famous temples of this building so immortalized in one of the Indonesian Rupiah currency. The shrine is surrounded by a lake. Here, unique in the region it has a temple, church, temple and mosque close together. 


9. Tanah Lot 

Among the famous Hindu temple and I think most Famous in Bali. Here is a great area and the temple is located on the shores. Here too there is a snake nest habitat and also said keeper Tanah Lot Temple. 


10. Massage Center Sanur 

Bali is famous for its Traditional Massage. If in Bali, must stop to try traditional massage on offer. You can test packages are available and can try either regular massage or oil massage. It is best … 


11. Restaurant Bebek Bengil 

Bebek Begil, popular restaurant in Bali, they served the main dish food Fried Duck Village. Our Tour Guide told us that this is the tasty Bebek (duck) in Indonesia. Event Indonesia President like it very much. Every time Susilo Bambang  when to Bali, for sure he will stop eating Bebek begil here. 


12. Luwak coffee Enterprise Centre 

On the way back from Kintamani to Legian, there are many local stalls along the roadside sell the Kopi Luwak. They manufacturing and processing the famous Luwak Coffee tradisional way. For those who interested, you can stop trying and buying Luwak coffee here and it’s cheap.

There a lot more to sharing here, but as a Travel Guide Interesting Places In Bali, this is enough for your 4 days 3 night trip to this Bali Island.

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