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Khalisha knees, it’s Bleeding

My first plan wanna go to Pasar Tani Shah Alam. Sice my wife want to buy her new deco flowers, which I thinks, its the best place to go. Managed to reach at Shah Alam, at 9.30am, an we hav some bfast. A very nice Nasi Kerabu from Kelantanese and I really missed it.After do some walking, we saw lots of deco flowers. I let my wife to choose her best. I let Khalisha walking around. Suddenly, I hear her cried. I saw she fell down and grabbing her knee. Her knee was bleeding.

Luckily, its only minor. We finished our shopping, and heading to Ayah Mae’s House. Asking Mak Ja to put some Minyak Gamat. We having lunch at Ayah Mae’s House with Hannan, Kimi and Raihan.

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