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Jocko’s Rock d Bowl’s

It’s bowling time again. Last 2 weeks, selection for DG’s player & today Inter DG’s Bowling held in Ampang Bowl’s Berjaya Times Square. Actually, its a been while, I’m not playing Bowling since I lost my ball 3 yrs ago.

Game started at 2.00pm, but I went to BTS earlier, since we need to take a lunch first. After tooks some burgers n fries at McDonalds, me, my wife, my daughters and my sis, heading to Ampang Bowl’s to take a seat and ready for the tournament.

Meet the team captain, Falany, warming-up & do some small streching. (Mana tau kot2 tergeliat). We need to play best of 6. Ermm… 6 games X 10 throws = 60 throws (If strikes) If not, total 120 throws with 11 lbs bowling’s ball. Fuhhh!!!

My Score Sheet

1st – 119
2nd – 196
3rd – 156
4th – 161
5th – 167
6th – 175
= Total 974

Well, it’s my day, today. I’ve finished at 4th place from 36 Men’s Bowling Players. What a suprise games. But, not so lucky to get extra trophy since best mens only have Best Game Winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up only. Its ok, maybe next time…

p/s : Thanks to Abg Joe, coz willing to lend me his Bowling Ball for this tournament.
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