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Let’s Play Pool

Saturday morning, erhhh, so malas la nak bgn pagi. But, since i hav to deliver goods to my client, hav to wake up early la… Now, 8.15am, aku dah sampai ofis, check all last email, and re-check again if i hav new order. Then, aku check maybank2U, confirmed duit payment early this month sudah di “bank-in” kan oleh my fren. Alhamdulillah. Semangat sket nak keja ni.
B4 deliver goods, aku ader game kat Midvalley, layan pool dgn bebudak Ofis aku. Since that event start at 10am, aku msk ofis dulu la. Ptg lak nak kena g ambik Skuter baru aku. Skang ingat nak tukar gaya idup skit, dtg keja naik skuter jer. balik jadi mat scoot, yak a auu… Area umah aku kalau pagi, jammed tak ingat. Nak kuar ker Jln Duta pun lebih 20minit. Nak sampai ofis mahu dlm 40minit. Nak balik umah lagi. Uuu tensen oiii… Patut la ramai org KL muda2 ramai kena penyakit, psl hari2 tensen…
Some emails, already replied. Some, I’ll let it be in d box, untill next Monday. I prefer online business method la, so much flexi work, time and choice. Its 15minites near to 10. Gtg. Wish me luck then…

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