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Maharani Malaysia Restaurant Seafood Gold Coast Review

As already going into the end of the year, some of us must be planning their trip. One of the great destinations must visit is the Gold Coast, Australia. It a nice place with white sandy beach, beautiful scenery, lots of theme park and also other attraction to visit.


Talking about Gold Coast, just around ‘Main Beach’ area, you do not need to worry to find halal food because a lot of Halal food located along the street. The famous restaurant located near the ‘Main Beach is Maharani Malaysia Restaurant Seafood 100% Halal Food. 

Maharani Malaysia Restaurant 

If you have a chance to visit to Gold Coast, Australia, do not miss going to eat here. This Maharani Malaysian restaurant locations is just a few meters from the Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise, adjacent to the Islander Hotel. 



Maharani Malaysia Restaurant


Maharani Malaysia Seafood Restaurant Gold Coast


Maharani Malaysia Restaurant




This restaurant owner is Muslim couples from Malaysia and Singapore. It is run starting from noon and will often cover operating around 7.00 pm.

MrJocko spends 4 days 3 night in Gold Coast and this is my favorite restaurant. We ate lunch and dinner here. 


How about price at Maharani Malaysia Seafood Restaurant Gold Coast? Even if we convert to cash Malaysia, the price of one plate of Chicken Fried Rice is RM36, it’s still cheap compared to the other restaurant. The taste is delicious and pure Malaysian Taste. Moreover flavor bean porridge given free to us because we are so CUTE … ekekeke … 

Maharani Malaysia Restaurant Gold Coast 

This Maharani Malaysia Seafood Restaurant Gold Coast is famous for Malaysian tourists in here because this is only restaurant that they provide 100% halal food with no liquor or other non-halal for Muslim. 


You’ll regret if you don’t stop and try their food if you visit Gold Coast. 

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