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My Friend Man’s New Project

Wednesday – 29 Nov 2006



After lunch, i got call from Man, ask me to accompany him to Lowyat, to purchase some Printers. Since we’re not meet for a long time, I asked him to fetch me at my ofis after 5.30pm. From my ofis, it’s takes about 20 minutes tu reach Plaza Lowyat. Luckily everything was ready. We just pay & drive back.


From lowyat, we heading to my wife office to fetch her and my daughter. I have some discussion on Man new project this week. Big project and big income for him.



We met at his brother office and discuss about his property at Metropolitan Square Damansara. He urgently want to sell that property, so, I take my place to find some potential buyer.


We fisnished at 11.00pm and take some supper at Taman Melati Mamaks befor he drove me back home.



Thursday – 30 Nov 2006



I managed to call some agent to find potential buyer for Man’s Property. Luckily, this lady named Christy called me after I message her this afternoon. Refer to her, she will discuss with her client to buy that property, coz her client want that commrcial lot for the rental purpose. Hopefully, I will success this time. I managed to bargain an extra 150K for this type.



Man’s agreed with this price, and 2% will go to this lady/agent. We prepared the documentation and need to submit to that agent, asap.

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