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Me, as a Part of Bintang BNM

17 June 2006
Auditorium BNM

I really dun believe it. Me, standing in front of hundred people, and a part from singing contestant. It was my first appearance as a performer in from of public.

Really dun know why I involved on this competiton. To be a winner, no, dun think so, coz, most of them (others contestant) was to good and ex-winner for the last year. Some also had experienced from external competetion. But me, first timer. Need more practices. Nasib baik Sopi byk bg support. Dia la layan aku g karaoke, sambil sambil aku MENYUMBANGkan lagu. he he he…

I become 2nd contestant on that date. After, my frens Bulat. Erm, of coz, I’m a bit nervous, sampaikan at the beginning, suara pecah, then after i maintain rock. Wanna know the song that I sang that nite? Relaku Pujuk – Spider. Yes its a bit high note and quite tough, but, I like to try it.

And, result, of coz la i dun win. Azuraini, Fayzal and Syazwan took place from 1st to 3rd. But, For me, I won for myself. Brani cuba sesuatu yg baru. Next year, I’ll come back… just for ‘memeriahkan lagi’ pertandingan…

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