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Melaka Alive Great Stage Performance of Malacca History

Have you been in Malacca recently? Where do you visit during your trip to Malacca? Do you know that Malacca now got new attractions that you must visit? They called this ‘Melaka Alive

It’s been while My family and I also have not traveled to Malacca. A day trip to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur isn’t far since it’s only take about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. 

A new site-specific theatre show is drawing tourists to the old city of Melaka while celebrating the state’s rich and diverse history.

Set in and amongst the glorious heritage buildings of UNESCO Heritage Melaka, Melaka Alive tells the rich 600 year-old story of the state through an innovative and interactive concept theatre that leads the audience through the various stages of Melaka’s evolution, from the arrival of Parameswara, through the periods of Portuguese and Dutch colonization and finally to current day Melaka, where many cultures blend seamlessly in a true modern melting pot.


Melaka_Alive_Show melaka_alive_show_03 melaka_alive_show_04

Melaka Alive Show

Told through the eyes of revered sailor Panglima Awang, said by many to be the first man to circumnavigate the world, the show takes place on a to-scale reconstruction of the famed Bahtera Merdeka ship and features state-of-the-art projection and sound techniques that bring Melaka’s history to life in a thrilling 30 minute spectacle, making it a perfect attraction for families.

Meanwhile, attraction owner Nuevo Attraction & Destination Sdn. Bhd. has recently opened The Pirate Adventure, an immersive indoor attraction that promises to engage all five senses.




The Pirate Adventure Show, Melaka

In this new attraction, visitors get to be a pirate for the day, navigating the seas of the Melaka Straits before searching the dark and humid jungles for buried treasure. With the aid of sophisticated technology, visitors will literally get to feel the gusts of storms on the high seas, and Mohd Nizar b Mohd Najib, Advisor to Nuevo Attraction & Destination, is confident that the total Melaka Alive package will enhance Melaka’s charm as a tourist destination.

“The appeal of Melaka Alive is that it makes the rich history of our city accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds”, said Nizar. “There is great potential for tourism in this city – there is living history everywhere and a truly multicultural population – and we want to do our part to celebrate this history and boost the local economy”.

Nuevo Attraction & Destination has plans to build more tourism attractions in the Malacca City, with an increased focus on historical attractions, with the goal of increasing appreciation of Melaka’s history, heritage and beauty from Malaysian as well as foreign tourists alike.

For tourist like me, this is something that I want to see. It’s a show where can I feel the ‘History of Malacca’ and the experience of ‘The Pirate Adventure’ is a must place to visit for all tourist.

Pirate Adventure Melaka 5D Show Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 02 Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 03

Pirate Adventure Melaka 5D Show Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 05 Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 06 Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 07 Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 08

Pirate Adventure Melaka 5D Show Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 10 Pirate Adventure Melaka Alive 11

For more information and further details, you can get more on or directly from the Melaka Alive ticket counter.

There are more to meet tourist here at Melaka Alive. Soon you can experience the ‘Colours of Melaka‘, the attractions are to be framed by a night festival outside serving as a marketplace fashioned after the grounds of the 15th century Sultan’s Palace. The site will function as a central hub with retail, food and beverages served from traditional Malay ox carts with theatrical performances in the background adding to the atmosphere bringing to life moments from history.

The other attraction that you can experience soon is ‘Sultan Palace


Pirate Adventure Ticketing & Opening Hours

Melaka Alive Ticket Prices & Showtime

Location: Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Bandar Hilir, Melaka.

(Opposite The Proclamation of Independence Memorial)

Show Time: 7.30pm Or 9.00pm, Thursday – Saturday.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Ticket Pricing: 

Adult with MyKad – RM35, non MyKad – RM45

Children (4 – 12 years old) with MyKad – RM20, non MyKad – RM28

Senior Citizen (60 years and above – RM20


Telephone: 012-2669374 / 012-2669461 / 03-78772828



Pirate Adventure Video in Melaka Alive

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