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Melancong Ke Kaohsiung Teaser Day 2

Semalam agak biasa, tetapi rasa macam penat. Mungkin sebab delayed dalam flight menuju ke Kaohsiung? Tetapi seperti biasa, saya tetap happy seperti biasa. Maklum la, travel adalah passion saya dan ia memberikan saya semangat baru setiap hari. Best travel tengok dunia orang lain selain dunia kita.

I continue my short teaser about ‘Melancong Ke Kaohsiung Teaser Day 2‘ where we started from Long Yun Leisure Farm, located at Alishan National Scenic Area. This is mountain area and a nice place to visit.

We took a breakfast, which is special cooked for Muslim tourist and they had a ‘Halal Certificate’ from the Taiwan Muslim Authority.


Melancong ke Kaohsiung Teaser Day 2

Melancong ke Kaohsiung AirAsia






After breakfast we take a walk to the Alishan National Scenic area where we can enjoy a great views of famous Alishan. From Jungle to the Tea Plantations, these Alishan really share their nature to us. Feel cool and a bit windy with Alishan weather now, 23 degree Celsius.

Yang banyak di tanam sekitar ini adalah sayur, buahan, buluh dan semestinya ladang teh yang terkenal di Alishan.



melancong-ke-kaohsiung-03 melancong-ke-kaohsiung-05 melancong-ke-kaohsiung-06


Dari Alishan, kami akan ke Fenchihu, stesen keretapi yang menjadi salah satu sejarah dan lagenda di Chiayi, Taiwan. Di kenali sebagai Alishan Forest Trail ini menjadi satu ikon pelancongan di Alishan, Taiwan. MrJocko akan menaiki keretapi lama ini menuruni bukit, dari stesen Fenchihu menuju ke bandar Chiayi dan akan mengambil masa selama sekitar 2 jam perjalanan.

Perjalanan menaiki Alishan Forest Trail memang awesome dengan pemandangan menarik hutan hijau dan bukit bukau. Bayangkan anda menaikinya di musim bunga???



Melancong Ke Kaohsiung Teaser AirAsia melancong-ke-kaohsiung-11 melancong-ke-kaohsiung-12 melancong-ke-kaohsiung-13



2 hours journey using this Alishan Train was really amazing. I can’t close my eyes and enjoyed the views. We reached at Peimen Station and moved to the craft class and also visit Hanoki Village. What’s Hanoki Village? Of course I will share more after this, another entry.

Yup, Its a long journey and we get tired. We check-in early in the hotel, 6.00 pm and take a short rest. After dinner at 8.30 pm, we went to Wenhua Night Market at Chiayi City and explore the nightlife and food street of Chiayi City.

Banyak yang MrJocko pelajari pada hari kedua, Trip ke Kaohsiung ini dan ia memang menyeronokkan. InsyaAllah esok akan sambung cerita Melancong ke Kaohsiung Teaser Day 3 pulak…


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