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Million Dollar Carreer – UiTM Shah Alam

I woke up early this morning since I hav to attend and give some talk for one forum at UiTM Shah Alam. Luckily my wife tak kerja.
I drove from my home to UiTM and looking for “Faculty of Information & Technology“. I reached at Dewan Fakulti and hav been welcomed by Nadia, AJK Program to the Dewan Fakulti. She drove me to the VIP room to hav some welcoming breakfast with their Advisor and the other Forum Panels. After Nadia served me a cup of tea, my eyes focus into one lady, sitting in front of me. Hmmm… quit familiar, but, where I’ve seen her before?… Ooo its Fara Fauzana, the celebrity of TVs and presenter. She’s look cute and cun compared in TV (sorry ha Fara, ambik candid picture u). So, I greet her “Hi” and she shake my hand. She will be one of my Forum partners.
The event started at 10am and finished around 1230pm. its about title : Million Dollar Career – You Can Make It Too. Its more on motivation talks to give small and wide view about jobs challenge and oppurtunity outside Campus Life. Alhamdulillah, I managed to give better presentation today, and I’m satisfy with my self.
This talk should be ended by 1230, but, coz of Fara Fauzana, we, as Panels, after the Forum, we hav to posing so many times, (prasan cam celebriti lak) to satisfiy UiTM Student.
After exchanging business card with other panels, I say thanks to organizer and asked to leave.
I managed to reach my office at 3pm and not even 5mins at my workstation, I got a call from Nizam. “Jom, karaoke”. “I said ” Jom”. So, I clear my workstation and heading to RedBox with Nizam and Suapi.

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