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MOF Hunt 2007 Treasure Hunt KL Bukit Merah

It’s happen again. This time, this treasure hunt was organized by KWSP. The route, from KL to Bukit Merah, Perak. Actually, this treasure hunt was opened by invitation only. (Can I say that?) Why? Coz, it’s only by invitation, to those, who performed best place during last Treasure Hunt.


At d first place, our team, are not selected. But then, since got one vacant, we hav d opportunity to join. My first team should be, Amid, Fidah, Diella and Me. But, becoz of other commitment Only, Amid and Me was available. Then we try to find d replacement, but oso dun make it.

On Friday, (day before the game), Sharil called me, and guess what, “Wei, nko free tak esok? Nak pegi Treasure Hunt?” hehehehe, surely i say YES…

Saturday morning, we gathered at Parking Bkt Aman, waiting for Flag Off. Our team started at 8.02am. We heading Bkt Damansara, Tapah, Kampar, and straight to Taiping and finally Bkt Merah. We managed to check in at last counter at 5.45pm. After hav some refreshment, we packed out to our rooms. Take some bath and sleep, until dinner.


For me, dinner its okay la, since lots of choices (compared last time MOF at Lumut). I love to makan KETAM and UDANG. hahaha. Its not so tasty, but when i mixed it up with other souces, yummy…

Overall Champion

We reach the climacs for the game. The results, and its was so suprise. Our team, won the 3rd place. Hahaha!!! Its our lucky nite. Hahaha again. With this 3rd place, we become, best team from BNM. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, thanks for our team-mates. Sharil, a very good driver. M-ya, as the our trusted navigator in Taiping and Bukit Merah. Ida, as good camerawomen. The mole, Rahmat and Sharul also other teams. Not to forget, Cha Enn and Ramzi. The others, u all very supportive and sporting. Dun care, about the prizes, as long as, our team already got the title – 3rd Place. Ha ha ha again


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