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My Dubai Trip With Emirates Teaser Day 5 Last Day

This is end of MrJocko trip to Dubai. Day 5 at Manzil Downtown Dubai really make me enjoy this crib. Hopefully I still have chance to visit Dubai or United Arab Emirates again soon. Lots of thing to do, lots of thing to see and lots of foods that I still can taste.

Seawal jam 7.30 am kami sudah bersiap untuk check-out dan menuju ke Dubai International Airport. 

My Dubai Trip With Emirates Teaser Day 5 Last Day

Travel Ke Dubai Emirates

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Banyak yang MrJocko belajar, lihat dan alami sepanjang 5 hari di Dubai. Tak sabar nak kongsi dengan pembaca blog tentang apa yang boleh, apa yang tidak boleh ketika di Dubai. Ada juga tips travel ke Dubai dan juga beberapa tips lain ketika melancong di Dubai. Semua ini InsyaAllah akan MrJocko kongsi dalam Blog dan Facebook MrJocko.

While waiting for the flight, I enjoyed my Galaxy Tab S2 size 8 inch, new tablet from Samsung Mobile. This is one of the best tablet that I ever review so far, in terms of quality pictures, preformance, size and also the features. Its Only RM1,699 and you can get it in any Samsung Mobile outlet in Malaysia.

Furthermore, I managed to buy 500MB Data Internet inside the Boeing 777-300, Emirates and enjoyed Internet, connecting with ground people using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course my Blog.

Will write more about my Trip to Dubai. Its a great pleasure to have Emirates Airline as flight sponsor and Dubai Tourism for the Ground Arrangement. Looking forward to share more about Dubai.

Chow for now…

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