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My Experiences At Strawberry Resorts Cameron Highland

MrJocko holiday to Cameron Highlands over the last few years, we only had the opportunity to stay at Strawberry Park, a 3-Star resort in Cameron Highland. It’s a panel resort for MrJocko previous company and they have 2 apartment for staff vacation. Since MrJocko is no longer with taht company, it seems, MrJocko had to choose another room or another hotel because I’m no longer work for that company. Never mind, at Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highlands, there are still plenty of rooms attractive. 
The Strawberry Park Resort Cameron Highlands, there are several types of rooms to choose starting with Room Studio Room, Deluxe Room, Family Suite and Family Suite 2 Bedroom  or Family Suite 2 + 2 Bedroom. 
For each room you book, you can choose whether want to come with set breakfast or not. Of course the price of the room will be a different rate for breakfast and no breakfast packages. 
Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highland

Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highland

Review Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highland

Review Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highland

Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highland
This Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highlands is located slightly above the hills and of course have a nice view especially in the morning. Cold air is absolutely the best choice if you want a holiday to Strawberry Park Cameron Highlands this. 
For the price of a room at Strawberry Park Resorts starts with the price of RM450 until RM2,300 prices for stays of 2 days 1 night depending on the room type you choose. If you want to experience the best, definitely you can select Penthouse package for RM2,300 per night :). 
From my point of view, holiday experience in Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highlands is the best trip because of the nice location of this resort and it’s cozy. You can choose to enjoy your holiday time in the room and walking around the resort or doing either play squash, tennis, swimming, sauna, jogging or relax at the spa. 
If you plan to visit around Cameron Highlands, you can get the services of Tour Guide and support staff are in front lobby. 
What MrJocko Likes: 
1 Location of the cool 
2 View of a beautiful landscape 
3 There are many facilities for this client activity 
What MrJocko Don’t Like 
1 Room Rate for Strawberry Park Resorts Cameron Highlands is quite expensive 
2 I feels like there is a mosquito flying in the room
3 Bed Sheets, decoration and furniture was old fashion

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