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My Medan Trip Part 4 Beautiful Lake Toba View

Salah satu tarikan utama pelancong ke Danau Toba adalah pemandangan sekitar tasik dan juga keindahan bukit bukat sekitar Danau Toba dan Pulau Samosir. Percutian di Danau Toba sememangnya memberikan pengalaman keindahan alam yang sangat menakjubkan kepada semua pencinta alam semulajadi dan pengembara.

Lake Toba is one of the awesome natural wonders of the world. This is a crater lake so enormous it has an island almost the size of Singapore in its centre. At over 1,145 square kilometers, and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean. This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of the deepest lakes in the world.

‘Danau Toba’ (local call) is a place to come and sit back, relax and absorb some beautiful pristine scenery. As you sit and take in the view of the picturesque mountains set against the cool clear lake, you will feel the worries of the world melt away. As the lake sits 900 meters above sea level there is a cooler climate here making a refreshing break from the heat, humidity and pollution of the city.

It’s hard to imagine a more scenic place to come and enjoy hiking, swimming and sailing although once you arrive it might be difficult to resist the anesthetizing effects of the lake. The cool clear water coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people is what draws visitors from all over the world to Toba.

Venture onto the island of Samosir in the middle of the lake and you will discover mountains steeped in cool mist, clear waterfalls to swim under and locals taking their water buffalo out in the fields.

This is a place to come and enjoy the legendary Batak hospitality. Say cheers and enjoy some traditional palm wine with the locals. Sit and have coffee and chat with islanders keen to practice their English. Where-ever you go, it won’t take long to make a new friend.

On the main land, there is accommodation available in the town of Parapat. Parapat occupies a small, rocky peninsula jutting out into the lake. On the way down to Parapat from the hill town of Berastagi you will get some spectacular views as the lake first comes into sight and the road winds its way down the mountain closer to the shoreline. In Parapat live the Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun people who are known as a happy and easygoing people, famous for their lively and sentimental songs. Although the majority have embraced Christianity, ancient beliefs and traditions still persist.

Many visitors prefer to take the more scenic option and stay on the massive island of Samosir in the middle of the lake. The original home of the Batak Toba people, the island has many traces of ancient days including stone tombs and traditional villages, such as at Ambarita which has a courtyard with stone furniture where in the old days convicts were tried and beheaded. Or visit Simanindo where traditional Batak ritual dances and music are performed. Here is where you’ll be able to discover unique and ancient Toba culture. At Tomok you can find mementos and Batak handicrafts. Buy the distinctive red and black hand-woven shawls called ulos– that are still used today at important life-cycle occasions-, a Batak calendar on rattan, woodcarvings and more. Samosir is accessible by regular ferries from Parapat. Boats also ply around the island regularly.


And if you wish to better understand Batak culture, visit the Batak Museum at Balige, further south on the mainland shore side.

There are many hotels and smaller accommodations around the lake, especially at Parapat, and at Tuktuk on the island of Samosir.

Despite being a tourist spot for many years, Lake Toba still remains a natural and undisturbed natural beauty. Venture away from the small villages and you will find yourself in the country surrounded by farmland, churches and strange tombs peppering the landscape.

Beautiful View Lake Toba Medan Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_02 Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_03 Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_04 Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_05 Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_06 Lake_Toba_Medan_Beautiful_07


Saya sememangnya terpesona dengan keindahan alam semulajadi di Danau Toba. It was amazing. Seperti berada di dunia yang indah dikelilingi dengan kabus dan juga air tasik yang memang jernih. Ia pengalaman terbaik MrJocko di Danau Toba.

Keindahan alam di Danau Toba masih lagi terpelihara. Ia masih lagi menjadi kebanggaan rakyat Indonesia, khususnya kaum Batak di sekitar Samosir Island dan juga Parapat. Untuk informasi, di sekitar kawasan ini, ada sekitar 99% penduduk di Samosir Island adalah berugama Kristian dan 1% adalah lain-lain.

Namun untuk pengunjung Muslim, jangan risau, ada beberapa kedai makanan dan restoran Muslim yang boleh anda singgah di sekitar Parapat.

Terima kasih kepada Fireflyz Airlines dan Dinas Pariwisata North Sumatra atas jemputan ke Media Trip Medan ini.

To be continue… My Medan Trip 5


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