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My Phone – Why I Like It Longger

I know mobile phones began early in 1995. That time, I still at SMUA Saniah. After further studies kat UiTM, I had the opportunity to do the business side. Morning to the evening = Class. When spare time, I do business that can give me more money.

From that time, I bought new handphone. Seingat aku, that time line is only 010 and 018. Then baru la ada new line 012, 013, 019 and until now 014, 016 and 017. Price at that time very expensive ooo. Masa tu, no services SMS, MMS and prepaid online. All postpaid line. Handphone pertama aku NEC primero EX. RM1, 800.

Then I switched to Phillip Twist .After graduated from UiTM, I migrated to Kuala Lumpur. Started with Nokia 5110, then upgraded to the Nokia 3210. In 2000, I managed to get work in the company where I worked now. Bought Nokia 8250, later changed to Communicator 9300. Nampak businessman skit…


Now, the world changed more advanced dan aku pakai BB 8900. That is because I like the one in Internet access anywhere. Problems arise because the 8900 have a small screen. I need something that is “long”.dan laju…

Kalau LG Chocolate ni OK ker,,,? korang bleh tgk sini

Nampak Elegent tak? Panjang kan, satu page penuh aku bleh surf cam aku surf pakai PC plak. Aku tak penah pakai LG, tak tau performance camana, saper ada pakai LG bleh komen tak? Ingat nak beli new handphone kat wife… sure dia suka kalau dpt LG Chocolate ni,,, kan kan kan???

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