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Nuffnang Music Bash “09

Nuffnang Music Bash ’09
Promosi Nuffnang ni buat aku teruja lak. Yo la, kita di beri peluang utk experience jadi SUPERSTAR wannabe. Jalan atas karpet merah, kena lambai kat peminat, smua kamera tertumpu arah kita. Wahhh!!! Kelas gitu…
Ni smua pasal Music Bash 2009 organized by Nuffnang. Kalau korang register Nuffnang, sure dpt email ni :

Dear Nuffnangers,Set on the 4th of April, the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 is just less than 2 weeks away!! With dinner and drinks provided for, bloggers who are attending this event can also expect lots of fun from music themed games with cool prizes to be won from them. That’s not all as our very own Nuffnangers and Nuffies will hit the stage to perform songs for you that evening!!Come as a celebrity! You can dress up like any celebrity you wanna be. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or even you, yourself! Yes, you can be a celebrity too! Just dress up for the occasion and walk on the red carpet next Saturday!!Who will walk home with some of the grand prizes? A Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, 2 iPod Touch, Song PS3 and TopShop vouchers for the Best Dressed ‘Celebrities’ and more are up for grabs. Want to know who are the people getting closer to the Grand Prizes for the pre event blog Contest?Well, you can check out Sue, Sam & Jessica in their attempts to win the Grand Prizes.Wait! Mystery Prizes! Yes, who knows what’s mystery you’ll get? Apparently some of our bloggers are aiming for them like Simon who dances with his umbrella. If you think you can un-inspire us better than Simon, please do so and snatch away the mystery prize from him as it’s well within his grasp now.Think you can do better but you’re just keeping your post till the last moment? Think again. We only have limited invites left as of now and only the first 150 bloggers who send in their blog posts to will be invited. If you don’t send in your entry in time, you might just miss your chance to attend the Nuffnang Music Bash 2009!! Send them in now before it’s too late!!Now that we’re done keeping you in the loop, the Nuffnang staffs have to get back to our practice of singing and dancing. Wanna know what are we performing? You’ll have to find out in the party itself. See ya!

nuffnang_bid = “7daffbbf82619fe523c23a8655fd2ee8”;

Teruja kan? Sure smua nak menang. Tapi, blog tak femes cam aku bleh menang ker???


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