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Parking Probs

Previously, last 2 days I was so struggled, where to park my car. It’s so hard to find a place, near to my ofis recently. Previously, I can easily park my car at my feveret place. Usually its happen around 7.30am every weekdays. But now, a little bit late, cost me to park far-far away (Pdg Merbok) and que to tumpang Company Vans.
Today, luckily got a space. But, I hav to going out for lunch and drive wit some frens. At first, there are other 3 of my colleagues wanna join, but at last, they changed the plan. Only Abi, Bale, n Me available. *Ngidam Ikan Bakar Bukit Aman la… ingat nak pegi Jalan Bellamy, tp takut tak sempat… When I came back, there’s no more space. Oh gosh! Where to park? Like it or not, hav to enter basement park (my ofis parking space) and hav to double park. What to do…? No choices.
Then, when i reached basement 3, I found 1 empty space, of coz its registered n owned by sombody else, but thinking of desperado, I took the space. Parked the car and quickly run into eskelator… hehehe. Hopefully the owner will not coming today… hehehe again

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