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RM2.90 only for Besi Buruk

I sent my wife’s car last week and been repaired some clutch parts. After some modification, the machenic put aside old parts (steel) inside my car. Erm,,, very professional, didnt throw away sesuka hati. He he he.
But since then, I think these thing become “semak” n only “beratkan” my CLK. So, on the way to Seremban, I stopped at “Kedai Besi Buruk” and try to sell these old parts.
“Abg, mau jual apa?” That indian guy asked me.
“Err.. ini brg buleh jual ka?” I try to get confirmation from him.
“mari mari…” He invited closer.
Then he put all these thing into weighing scales, old broken absorbers 2pcs, and clucth cables including some paddle clutch and the scree showed around 4 kg +-
“erm…” I smiling hoping to get around RM10.
“Ok bang, RM2.90. Terima kaseh haaa…” he thanks me.
“erk… ” I shocked and definitely go back direct to my car. When I gave RM2.90 to my wife, she smiling, perli at me…
Inside my heart, next time, I will not sell any more “besi buruk” to the Junk Buyer. Waste my time.
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