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Sarawak Trip – Part1

As early morning at 7.00am we dah ready. Nak mintak tolong my Sister to send me to KL Sentral.

Although our flight at 11.30am, we decided to go early to LCCT. Tak nak nanti gopoh dan aku fear the late later. Sampai jer KL Sentral, we take our breakfast kat McD. No rush, makan slow2. while also slowly tengok orang kiri dan kanan symptom of rushing to go work.

Sejam kat McD, finished eating. Bila org kat KL Sentral dah makin tenang, peaceful around, we take a direct bus to LCCT. Nearly an hour, we arrived safely. Ambik barang, trus ke Terminal Departure.
While I wait for check-in, lepak skali kat cafe. Pekena coffee and read the paper while waiting for boarding announcement. Bila dah sampai masa, kami Check-in 10.30am, then wait. Flight to Kuching lebih kurang 1 hour and 40 minutes. Landing kat Kuching International Airport, kluar dr Imigresen, I noticed from a distance, Sarjan Norzan dah menunggu. Dia senyum aku senyum, kenal sebelum ni, tp tak der la rapat sangat. Nanti Sarjan akan jadik tourist guide aku for the next 3 days.

First destination, continue to Damai Beach Resort, Santubong, Kuching. 1st day, kami tido sana malam ni…

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