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Sawahlunto Railway Museum, Sumatera

This is Sawahlunto Railway Museum, Sumatera. It’s my first time at Sumatera and I had my opportunity to explore the Padang, Bukittinggi and Sawahlunto. Amongst these 3 locations, Sawahlunto is very new to me. Never thought what was happen in Sawahlunto. Never in my travel list.
But, when I reached here, in Sawahlunto, it’s a unique travel destination which gave you lots of experiences include of Holland’s history in Sumatera. One that I like most is Sawahlunto Railway Museum.

Sawahlunto Railway Museum
Sawahlunto Railway Museum

Sawahlunto Railway Museum

Sawahlunto Railway Museum

Sawahlunto Railway Museum

Sawahlunto Railway Museum is a previous railway station in Sawahlunto which belong to the West Sumatra Regional Division 2. It’s one of the existing terminus station at West Sumatra. The museum is located in the village market, sub Valley Fresh, Sawahlunto city. 
Sawahlunto Railway Museum History 
On December 17, 2005, Sawahlunto station converted into a museum, and was inaugurated by Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla. Thus, Indonesia has 2 railway museum, with the first one in Ambarawa, Semarang regency, Central Java. 
The Museum Collection 
The museum has a collection numbering 106 pieces consisting of carriage (5 pieces), steam locomotive (1 piece), hour (2 pieces), tools, or communication signals (34 pieces), photo documentation (34 pieces), miniature locomotive (9 pieces), safety deposit box (3 pieces), jack rail (5 pieces), label the plant (3 pieces), scales (3 pieces), a bell guard (1 piece), and locomotive batteries (2 pieces).

You still can feel the Sawahlunto Railway Station original building and for those who love the history, you must visit Sawahlunto for your own history experiences.

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