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Seven Habits Course

7 Habits Highly Effective People Course

I nominated myself for this course since last month. Luckily I managed to hav place for this last session course before Ramadhan. This course will be held at HRDC for 3 days from 12th Sept 2006 till 14th Sept 2006.
I came early this morning to get better place at Class and I sat just beside Azhar and Rafian. Erm,,, most of the participants knew me and we were quite closed previously, so, it will give us happy time together in this class.
We started early morning 830am with our cute and macho facilitator En Radzi. I respect on him since he’s very experinced and knowledgeable in this 7 habits. The schedule as usual, we hav morning tea, and lunch, also high tea and finished at 530pm. Since I still hav time, so, I met Amy at HRDC and went for Teh Tarik. Its a long time not chat with Amy. After Teh Tariks, I drop Amy at LRT Universiti station.

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