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Shell Easy Win A Chance To Win Cash RM40,000


Do you have vehicles that use petrol RON95 or RON97? If yes, you now have the chance to win cash prizes each week up to RM40,000 cash with Shell Malaysia contest ‘Shell Easy Win’ #ShellEasyWin. Shell Malaysia has announced the contests ‘Shell Easy Wins’ to give back a gift to their loyal customers.


Shell Easy Win #ShellEasyWin


For every minimum purchase of RM30 at Shell petrol station you have the chance to win a lucky draw RM20,000 if you buy Shell FuelSave 95 (RON95). It will double up to RM40,000 for those buying Shell V-Power (RON97). Throughout the week, there would be another 250 consolation winners will receive RM300 for each person during Shell Easy Win contest.


Shell Easy Win Contest Shell Malaysia
Shell Easy Win Contest Malaysia
It’s very simple, you only need to buy RON95 or RON97 and answer one (1) simple question on Application Form, attach the sales receipt and enter your answer in the box Shell Easy Win provided.
Keep save with a smart choice by using Shell FuelSave 95 (RON 95) that takes you further into a full tank, it certainly saves you money.
Shell FuelSave 95
Shell V-Power - Shell Easy Win

Shell V-Power (RON97) will give you maximum performance acceleration for smooth running and gave your car at the best performance. Definitely a good performance and smooth running will reduce fuel consumption and your expenses.

Quickly head to all stations of Shell Malaysia and do purchase RON95 (Shell FuelSave 95) or RON97 (Shell V-Power) with minimum RM30 and join the contest Shell Easy Win. This contest begins on July 7, 2014 and will end on 14 September 2014, for 10 weeks.


Shell Easy Win WInner List

Good Luck …;). You may be the lucky ones who will win a cash prize of RM40,000. If Yes, undoubtedly with the RM40,000 will ‘Surely celebrations’ this year. Many things can you buy with the RM40,000. Much you can save.

If MrJocko won that RM40,000, of course I will plan for investment to keep my children education plan. Or perhaps I can plan to change a new car next month :).

For a list of previous Winners Shell Easy Win Contest, you can check here Winner of Shell Malaysia #ShellEasyWin Contest


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