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Campaign Summer Vacation In Hong Kong ‘Soul Cool’


Hong Kong is one of the most popular islands in Asia, increasingly being the focus of many Muslim tourists regardless of time and time. While many are waiting for Hong Kong in the Cold Season, Summer Vacation in Hong Kong ‘Soul Cool’ is also nothing less. Summer in Hong Kong is still the best time to experience all of this unique Island experience from natural beauty experiences, shopping and even tasting the best menus in Hong Kong with a selection of Muslim halal menus available.

Regardless of whether you are a backpackers traveler, vacationing with family or celebrating a family with a family, Hong Kong is one of the must-visit destinations in Asia. With a wide range of options, the cost is much cheaper compared to the European and Middle East countries, but presents many friendly options to all travelers.

Summer in Hong Kong begins around July until the end of September. After that it will fall Autumn season. After all, summer in Hong Kong is not as hot as Malaysia. Maximum temperature is only about 30 ° Celsius. If it is blown in the wind, it will be more comfortable.

Summer Vacation in Hong Kong

percutian musim panas hong kong soul cool copy

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The choice of hotels in Hong Kong is not a problem. They have many choices. Whether you want a budget hotel room, or a luxury hotel room, all available. If you are cheap, stay in budget hotel options around Kowloon, as here are a great selection of Halal food menus.

The budget hotel in Kowloon is only around HKD100 per night

hotel murah di hong kong

If you want a more attractive hotel room, try the overnight stay at Lanson Place Hotel Hong Kong .

lanson place hotel hong kong

lanson place hotel hong kong

Most of the hotel’s location is here, easy access with tram, bus and LRT. It’s good to go anywhere, no need to use Taxi.

If you want to take part in Hong Kong’s exciting activities, choose either Disneyland Hong Kong, The Peak Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor and many more. Enjoy playing at this theme park in Hong Kong, regardless of whether you are an adult or kid.

Do not forget to Ocean Parks Hong Kong

summer vacation hong kong soul cool

holiday season hot hong kong soul cool

holiday season hot hong kong soul cool

holiday season hot hong kong soul cool

holiday season hot hong kong soul cool

If you go upstairs to The Peak with Tram, you can continue to take the package into Madame Tussauds Hong Kong .

madame tussauds hong kong

madame tussauds hong kong

talking about food, no problem traveling to Hong Kong. For example, in Kowloon alone, there are many Halal restaurants operated by Indians, Pakistanis, Turks and some Muslim Chinese owners.

I personally enjoyed the Turkish Kebab menu at Istanbul Kebab Turkish Restaurant located in Tsim Sha Shui, Hong Kong. In addition, there are plenty of Muslim and Vegetarian food outlets around Kowloon and Ladies Night Market.

If you want a more attractive menu, try the Ma’s Restaurant located on Cheung Sha Wan Road, Hong Kong. The restaurant provides a menu of Pastry Veal Goulash. They have more than 40 years of experience in preparing Chinese Halal food menu with a taste of Chinese Northwesters.

After dinner, can relax in Victoria Harbor to see the beauty of colorful lights in Hong Kong. It’s FREE !!!

At the Hong Kong airport, a long-known, fast food menu restaurant Popeyes Hong Kong Airport, there is a halal menu here for you to try.

Yup! Many of the most exciting things in Hong Kong and summer like this are also the best season for all of you traveling to Hong Kong. Explore Hong Kong with your own taste, with a variety of options for Muslim tourists regardless of whether you’re a backpakers, with friends or spending valuable time with your family. Hong Kong is definitely the best location for your holiday.

More information on Places of Interest in Hong Kong can continue to visit the Hong Kong Tourism Board Discover Hong Kong website. #discoverhongkong #hongkong #summerfun #soulcool #hktourismboard #WegoXHongKong

If you want to see more interesting photos along the summer of Hong Kong, please visit my friends’ Blog Adventure on the blog link page http://anakomak6.blogspot.com

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