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Sunday Evening at Hawaii

Mulanya plan nak ke Flea Market, but we changed the plan. We went to Carefour. Hav to do some shopping n window shopping. Sambil2 survey harga barang.

Sampai Carefour rasa macam pelik semcm. Warna warni ditambah dgn decoration yg lain dr biasa. From Cashier to Sales Asst. staff diorang wearing Hawaiian stailo. Memang meriah. Terasa kat Hawaii lak… he he he.

Ladies of Hawaii – Very Creative n Cute
Items bought :
1. TV Rack Big
2. TV Rack Small
3. Rugs
4. Some brg2 dapur

Sambil2 tgk brg, tsrempak la ngan Sahar n Wife also Allie n Wife. Jam 7.00mlm aku gerak balik rumah trus ke pasar malam.

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