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Teaser Water Rafting Sei Bingei Medan Explore Sumatera

Are you looking for the thrill of a lifetime in Medan? Prepare to conquer whitewater rapids that are as exciting as they are challenging. These courses in Medan offer Difficulty Level 2 and up to extreme Level. Please do contact Explore Sumatera.

You can enjoy wild rides on some of the river at Sei Bingei, Medan. This Sei Binge also country’s most scenic rivers and have options for first-timers, whitewater experts, and everyone in between.

From exploring the normal wave, soft wave, hard and thrill wave, Sei Binge provides more for your heart-racing adventure. 

This is the teaser of White Water Rafting that we experienced in Sei Binge, Medan last August 2015. I will share more and hope you can enjoy watching this Sei Bingei White Water Rafting.


Sei Bingei Water Rafting Medanwater-rafting-sei-bingei-medan-02


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