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Jom Teroka Gyeonggi-do Seoul Korea Selatan

Everyone talk about Korea for their travel trip. Lots of beautiful place you can explore in Korea. In Gyeonggi-do Seoul Korea itself, there are lot of attraction places to visit.

Trick Eye Museum Seoul Korea

An interactive museum with a cnew concept that stimulates your creativity and imagination by the trompe-loeil (eye-tricking, French) technique through your vision.

The museum has eight thematic exhibits, including historical, twists of familiar masterpieces, romantic, luxurious, domestic, traditional, style, and a house of mirrors.

You can read my short story at Trick Eye Museum Seoul 



Gyeonggi-do Seoul Korea




Petite France

» Consists of 16 French-style buildings and fountain in the concept of Little Prince where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture.

» Well-known hallyu dramas like Secret Garden, Beethoven Virus, My Love from The Star, and an episode of Running Man were filmed here.



Listed as one of the 4 major theme parks in the world, diverse events are presentesd every day like magic show, dance performance or band.

Gyeonggi-do Seoul Korea

Gyeonggi-do Seoul Korea

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