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Treasures between KL – JB

Kijang Hunt 2006, another Treasure Hunt for this year. Where to go? KL heading JB. Long journey xtually. Kalu ikutkan biasa, malas nak drive, but since hadiah, and other programs also attractives, so, aku join gak.
Woke up early in d morning, 530am, called Hamid, just to make sure he park his car, in front, kononnya nak Flag off awal. Luckily we in 6th Place from front. Then, aku mandi siap, 630am aku sampai Bank.
After some short briefing we all gather at Hamid’s Kembara. Aku, Hamid, Anil n Fidah.
Our team was flagged off at 7.07am and hav 8 1/2 hours to solve the questions as well as Treasures.
We started from BNM and heading to Sri Serdang, out to Kajang tol direct to Seremban. Check in at Seremban toll, then exit at Senawang and drove to Alor Gajah. Here we lost about 1 hour just to find 3 answers and its very2 “rugi”. At the point of time, we realized that we lost the track, then try to move faster, heading tu Yong Peng. This is the last place that we find the answer. We realized that we only have another 1 1/2hours to go, and another 10 questions to answer. What to do? We agreed to skip Kulai, enter the Yong Peng toll, speeding to skudai highway.
Without treasures, and also another 10 question that we skip, what else that we expect. Only just want reach at finish line before the penalty time.
But, we’re not lucky as usual, another 100m, At JB town we stucked in the heavy jammed. Just beside the way to Singapore link. Hamid suggest to run from there, so, Me n Anil decided to run find Puteri Pacific JB to submit the answers and finish the race.
Oh gosh! Its very tiring. Dah lama aku tak lari sejauh tu, ooo, kejang urat kaki. Then we we saw Puteri Pacific, aku rasa ok, makin semangat. I keep running as fast as I can, then we managed to reach the Hotel, at 5.48pm. Definately kena penalty, but, it very enjoying, very crazy for me, running in the middle of JB Town. Its doesn’t matter orang lain nak cakap aper, asalkan aku sampai the last point. Hak hak hak
Its not finished yet, we need to do some missionary task to complete the hunt. What it is? Its KUDA TEMPANG, where we need to ride a big rubber balloon to jump and swap with other team member one by one within specific time given. Well easy for us, and othersss…. hehehe.
We check in at 5.30pm and I layan pool with Sam kejap. Masuk jer bilik, trus aku landing. Peeenat sgt. Hamid pun sama. Blum pun sempat nak lelap mata, aku kena tiup belon. Preparation for our Dinner Dress.
Dinner started at 8.00pm. Masa kami masuk, pakai biasa jer, seganlak nak pakai cam ala2 budak2. Its ala2 Alien & sendiri bikin, from helmets, mask, and also baloons. Unfortunately, aku lupa bwk kamera malam tu. Nak mintak org lain ambik, malas nak susahkan org. So, biarla dress kami yg biasa tu, jadi Kenangan Terindah for us.
Overall, out of 10. I can give Hunting = 6, Hotel = 8, Event Manager = 5, AJK Event = 8, Food n Accommodation = 7, Participants = 7, Prizes = 7 and Overall = 7
Dinner was ended at 12am, then, aku ajak team members aku, g jejalan JB Town, but, I noticed not really menarik la selain Stulang n Danga Bay. So, we decided to go “Melalak” release tension instead of makan or minum. Coz, we’re already full. Where? Red Box at Plaza Plangi… la la la la
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