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Trip To Gold Coast Australia : The Beginning

Malay Version – Trip To Gold Coast PermulaanThe story begins when,,,

Shazmeer is the person responsible to invite me to join his trip to the Gold Coast. This is because, AirAsia, Low Cost Airline in Malaysia offering only RM850 per pax return ticket AirAsia X from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast. Since it is a very attractive offer, I do not think too long, just agree with Shazmeer plan. Without the long wait, Shazmeer buy 2 adult tickets with MasterCard him. Its confirmed, Shazmeer and I will fly to the Gold Coast, Australia soon.

Because we buy tickets AirAsia X to Gold Coast in May 2009 and scheduled our trip in February 2010, I have so much time to plan my budget. I keep some of the money I receive salary every month and in the last 9 months, I managed to raise about RM3, 000 for land arrangements budget, Yeay!

Actually, it was a bit worried about Shazmeer commitment because he was always busy with daily chores and his deadline. I am sure, if I was the only one traveling to the Gold Coast, I would cancel the trip. There is no point for me to go there alone.

A month before the trip, I applied for the ETA to get to Australia from the Australian Embassy Online. Thank God, it was approved very quickly. But Shazmeer only apply one week prior to departure. Thank God it has also been approved. Fuhhh! If not, he also had to cancel the trip. What a waste.

On departure, our journey began on Friday afternoon. We took a bus AirAsia from KL Sentral to LCCT Terminal and savely check in 2 hours early, 8:00pm. Our flight was scheduled at 9:30pm and we savely arrived at Coolangatta Airport at 7:05am next day, local time. I can not believe we are in Australia.


Trip to Gold Coast Australia


I’m excited? Yes, of course,,, I’m very excited. This my first time to Australia.At the airport, we also buy Aussie $ 67 for ‘freedom pass’ for 3 days which will allow us to travel unlimited. Its equivalent to RM201, ermmm so expensive..

Trip to Gold Coast Australia


From airport we take bus to the Main Beach. We take Surfside Bus, orange in color and use ‘freedom pass’. Its unbelievable when you ride a bus and its drive through 70km Gold Coast beaches. Very nice view.


Trip to Gold Coast Australia

Free drinks at Surfers Paradise

From the airport we took a bus to the Main Beach. We took a bus named Surfside, orange in colour and we use our ‘freedom pass’. It is very unusual when you board the bus and it was a long walk along the beach, 70km Gold Coast. Excellent view.

The journey from the airport to the Main Beach takes about 30 minutes, and we stopped at Surfers Paradise. Our next destination, finding a budget hotel. After 1 hour, we decided to choose a room at the Islander Resort Hotel.

Will continue…

p/s : broken English??? I’dont care,,, asalkan korang paham,,, hahaha,,,


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