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This morning, my wife ajak pegi lawat member dia (Watie) kat Pusrawi, Jln Tun Razak. Member dia tu delivered baby boy semlm. Kami ke sana dlm jam 12.00noon.

This Pusrawi situated betul2 opposite IJN and a new building. Nampak cantik dr luar, cam hotel. After met her fren, we decided to stay kejap jer, coz, tadi aku parked keta tepi jalan jer. takut kena saman. Sblum balik, sempat tgk anak Watie.
From Pusrawi, I drove staright to Ikea. Nak lunch dan cari brg rumah sket. Lepas order Meat Balsl dan Baked Chicken, we find corner area to enjoy the lunch. Most enjoyable at that time is Khalish. Suka dia dpt makan kentang n meat ball. for the first time, she can finished 2 meat balls.
We arrived at home at 9pm.

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