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Visiting KLCC Park

Its a very nice day for hangout w family since all my sisters were her in KL. From last week they asked me to bring them jalan-jalan, during this School Holiday. Furthermore, my two sisters, just finished theirs exams, one semester exam at UiTM and the other one SPM this year.

Whether I like it or not, I hav to pay my promises to them, to take jalan-jalan in KL. After lunch and they take a swim session at pool, we decided to start with KLCC. Pity them, never been there before.

I drove from home to KLCC, luckily its only takes me 10min only. I parked at KLCC Park, beside the Masjid KLCC.

I let my sisters to company my daughter walk along the jog track and played at the park, where me and my wife, just lepaks n enjoyed the IceCreams till they finished their walk at the park.
Dunno wherelse to go since its already dark, so, I drove back to home. Buy some KFC n just having small dinner at home.
Just after I reached home, got a msg from Nizamz n Suapi, call out for a cup of tea. I suggest to go to Uptown, coz, I need to meet my frens there also. We drove Nizams car since his car was very selesa to drive. Hehehehe…
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