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What is Video Brosur

What is Video Brosur?
Video Brosur is a marketing tool for SME’s and entrepreneurs that is easy and at affordable.

Video Brosur take that boring printed brochure and convert to short videos. Not just that. We get our professional video presenters to talk about you in the video. Your video became far more personal rather than reading text. Video Brosur comes in 3 packages.

VB1 is 30 seconds video, VB 2 is 3 minutes video and VB3 is 5 minutes video.
A good video will create a strong and profitable relationship and strengthens connections between prospect, clients and customers. Video turn someone that is sceptical into somebody motivated to take action.
·         Demonstrate your process
·         Show before and after result
·         Illuminate your product at work
·         Answer question
·         Give a tour
·         Showcase your testimonial

Video Brosur is a marketing video for everyone. Our mission is to assist you in making your marketing and life easy.

We believed that Video Brosur is an innovative solution to cut your cost in advertising, promotions and it is the best choice to spread your idea to the mass through internet.

We simplify the complicated process of production to make it easy and transparent for our clients

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